Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time Flies....

when you aren't posting!  Two years since my last real post?  Holy cow.....  I guess even super heroes can make mistakes! 


My bad.....

My last real post was "Dateline At Brad and Debbie's House."  Hmmmmmm....... 

I believe at that time I was blathering on about being single, loving it, all that.  And I did.  I had a ton of fun.  I put more than a few notches on the old bedpost.

I had two bedposts--one pink, the other blue.  I'd just notch my chick conquests on the pink one and the dude conquests on the blue one!

Okay, time to catch you all up....

I might as well bring everybody up-to-date with what's been going on with your favorite superhero (by the way, Green Lantern's ring is HIGHLY overrated--just sayin').

On the superhero front, I am now a full-fledged member of the Intergalactic Protectors Superhero Society (IPSS).  I applied for membership in June, 2011, and after a thorough employment, education, reference and credit check, I was granted an interview with the President of the IPSS, Gar-tone (emphasis on the first syllable--trust me, he's REALLY fussy about this).  The headquarters is located on a planet called Myorpha, a couple of galaxies away from ours, so it took me a good twenty minutes to get there.  

Anyway, I aced the interview (once I got over looking at a dude with five eyes) and a week or so later, had to go back for orientation, paperwork and all that.  I was also assigned my "planet of need"--all of us have one.  But I'll explain that at another time.

Now, of course, I have my "mortal" job.  That's also going well.  I'm now a supervisor of the vet techs at the clinic.  I didn't really earn that, so to speak.  I only have a few years in the field.  But for a long time, it was a tough, tough place to work and we just couldn't keep people there.  THAT'S been addressed, but I did end up as a supervisor through the magic of attrition.  Again, more on this at a different time.

So anyway, if you read any of the other blogs on the "Super Friends' Blogs" list, you know that in January 2011, a lady named Janey moved up from Florida.  Everybody adores her and she moved into a room at R and L's digs.

I get asked about this house from time to time.  Here's the lowdown.  R and L bought it a few years ago.  It was being converted, slowly, into a bed and breakfast.  Somewhere during the process, whoever owned it flat-out ran out of money and gave up.  So you had a house on the market on some land with some somewhat-completed additions.

Ryan, of course, when he was a young lad, worked with his friend Jim (whom I've met and would gladly show a super time) and knows a thing or two about renovation.  So R and L bought the house and Jim flew out and he and Ryan fixed it up--to the point where R and L could move in.

Not long after, Janey started having problems with her girlfriend.   

Janey and her gf reconciled and she ended up staying in St. Pete.  In November 2010 they called it quits and that woman moved to Texas, leaving Janey in FL.  Janey started planning to move up again.  

One, she wanted a fresh start and two, she had applied to some schools to become a physician's assistant.  She was accepted into a few programs and chose one up in the Atlanta area.  She had spent several years as a nurse and wanted to stay in the medical field.

So late in 2011, Ryan refurbished a large room that had been built onto the side of the house.  The thing is huge.

So, Ryan flew down and helped Janey pack up and load up her truck.  I'm pretty sure they were having some fun down there--they spent several extra days there before they left.

Anyway, Janey moved into her luxury-ass guest room.  The space is divided up with a full bathroom; a huge room that houses a small kitchen, living and dining area, and a small laundry area; and a nice-sized bedroom and a small bedroom.

Not bad.  I was paying a fortune for something bigger, but not all that much better.

So they drove up and we all helped unload her stuff into this friggin' ass awesome space.

I've said it before:  everybody loves Janey.  She's super-cool and super-awesome.  When I was just starting my vet tech training, I was overwhelmed.  Janey was always there when I stared to doubt myself.  It was a two-year program, and just seemed so daunting.  Any time I needed to hear some cheerleading from somebody in a related-type of field, she was always there--on the phone, on-line, wherever.

And when I went through my divorce, Janey was there (as was everybody else--I had a tremendous support system!).

So, while she was a great playmate (we played some when she originally came up to interview for jobs) and a great friend, that's pretty much all I thought of her.  And that was enough.

When she and started having problems, she leaned on all of us.  And I was always happy to lend a sympathetic ear.  I was the closest one up here that really know what she was going through.  

So Janey moved in and was all settled.  Janey, who knew that she wouldn't be working for 28 months while she went to school, immediately began working a gazillion hours.  She signed on with a nurse registry and began saving up every penny to live on (she's paying for school with loans and savings).

At least she didn't have to worry about rent, or groceries sometimes, as R and L would often shop and accidentally "buy too much" and leave a few bags by Janey's door or buy her things she needed and forget to collect. LOL

So whenever Janey had a day or two off, they usually fell during the week--nurses work all kinds of hours and days.  And it was kind of a bummer that I wasn't getting to see her too much.  I mean, she always "got her some", but just not as much as she probably would've liked (or us, for that matter).

Anyway,  you have to do what you have to do.  I had a great hubby who put me through school when I went.  Janey didn't have that, and it was awesome that she had R and L.

June came and it was time for Janey to start her program.  13 months of classroom study, 15 months of supervised clinical work through different rotations.  Luckily, she allowed herself a couple of weeks to rest up and recharge before starting.  And she had a lot--and I mean a LOT--of fun with all of us.  I even had some alone time with her that was awesome.

Then, school hit.  And she was hammered.  It wasn't an easy transition.  Huh.  THAT sounded familiar.  So did the "I'm not sure I can do this," sentiment she had when I dropped in to check on her one day after work.

She's technically earning a masters degree, but really it's medical school.  And it's extremely rigorous in its own right.

Now it was time to repay her again.  Much like I was the closest one to knowing what she was going through when she broke up with that woman, I knew almost exactly what she was feeling.  Okay, she was studying to become a physician's assistant and I was a vet tech.  All medical related!

So whenever she needed some cheerleading, it was my turn to provide it.  And I was happy to do it.  It felt good to repay her for all the support she had given me when I was going through it.  She was kind of scarce the first couple of months.  Whenever I would head up to R and L's, I'd check in on her.

Finally, in August, Janey had settled into her routine, had a great grasp on her studies, and started having some extra time.  I made sure I got my share of it.  I don't even know why, necessarily.  Something was just drawing me to her, and I don't mean only physically.

We started sleeping together a lot more (then again, everybody around here sleeps together a lot...) and also going out together.  Dinner, a movie, just coffee.  A lot of times, we'd just go out to talk.  We would talk everyday, either in person or on the phone.

And texts.  Lots and lots of texts.

Before I knew it.....we were a couple.  And one night we were in bed, all snuggled up, and I said, "Why don't you just move in with me?"

Then I heard, "Moving's a pain.  No thanks!"

"You bitch!  I ask you to move in with me and THAT'S how you respond?"

Okay, so I was laughing when I said it.

So we talked for awhile and she did have one great point:  I was looking for a new place.  While the metro Atlanta area is expensive, my place WAS overpriced, especially after factoring in a few rent increases.  And it would be awhile until she could help with expenses.

"So, how about YOU move in with ME?" she asked.

"I think Alex and Ryan already have enough people living here, honey," I said.

CG and Mitzie in that garage apartment.  Janey in this room.  Lori spends a ton of time here.  I didn't want to  add to that.  We ended up dozing off before making any decisions. now we're in late November, 2011.  Just to give you a little timeline.  Anyway, we got up the next morning and went out to breakfast and tried to figure out where to live.  I really wanted out of my apartment.  It's a great complex, but I was paying well over 1,000 a month for a small two-bedroom apartment.

Then again, you pay less, you get less.

Janey, who must've figured since she was officially my girlfriend at this point, was TOTALLY nagging me to move in with her.  I mean, what IS it with women?  SHEESH?  Put the "girlfriend" title on them and they just think they can boss you around!


But moving in with her would be the best arrangement.....I just couldn't ask R and L, though.  They had done a ton for me the past several years.  But maybe I could ask and offer to pay rent.  That would be fair.  And I'd feel better about it.

So later on that day, R was out, but L was at home.  Talking to one of them is like talking to both of them.  They're one of those married couple who are in perfect synch with each other.  They finish each others' sentences, all that.  So we sat down next to L.

She looked up from her magazine.  "Yes?"

"Alex....Janey and I have been spending a lot of time together..."
"No shit?"

I continued, "Well....we were thinking that we'd like to live together."

She looked at Janey and said, "I'm so happy!  When you moving out?"

Janey said "shut up" and stuck her tongue out at her.

Alex looked at me and said, " want to move in together.....need money for a U-Haul?"

Finally, Janey butted in.

"Shut up.  She's moving in with me.  Got a problem with it?  You wanna try and stop it?  Bring it."

Alex looked at her and said, "Our little Shelly can move in here as soon as she wants.  Kicking your Cuban ass will just be a bonus.  Bitch."

Yeah, that's how they talk to each other.  It's pretty funny to watch.

"Alex, I'll pay rent.  It's not right to live here free when I'm working."  She shook her head.  "No, no.....we love you.  We can't stand Janey, but we love you.  We won't take money from CG and Mitzie, we won't take yours."

After a few minutes of going back and forth, I FINALLY convinced her to accept a whopping hundred dollars a month to at least cover our use of water and power.  And she said they were going to put it away and give it back to us when we got our own place down the road.


So in January, 2012, I moved in with Janey.  We looked at all of our combined furniture and decided to put what we couldn't use in that suite/room into storage.

It's been great.  It's an open relationship, but honestly, I could be monogamous with her as well.  One day, we probably will be.

After my divorce from Brian (who has recently gotten remarried; more on that another time), I never thought I'd commit to another person.  I was a lousy, lousy wife.  And while he's always said that he was a lousy, lousy husband, he wasn't.  And even if he was lousy, I was lousy first.

But while I'm attracted to both "blue" and "pink", my best romantic relationships have been with women.  And so far, this has been the best one (and it isn't even close).

Janey will graduate at the end of the year.  She made it through the classroom phase of her training with flying colors and is now doing rotations.  I knew my girl could do it!  Just like she knew I could get through my program.

Of course....there's always the chance she'll dump me when she graduates for some trophy girlfriend--you know, like that old cliche about guys dumping their wives after they put them through medical school!

But it's a chance I'll take.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi Again!

Been awhile!

My bad.  Even superheros lose track of time!

Mitzie?  Thou truly are a smart ass!

I've been working on a long, long entry about what's been going on and was getting near the end when I got nailed with a nasty case of bronchitis.  Now, that's no excuse for going well over a year without posting, of course.

But I'm feeling better and will finish up that post in the next couple of days.

My apologies.  Superheros should never neglect their blogs!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dateline: Brad & Debbie's House


Thought I'd post a quick entry here!

I got off work today, showered, prettied myself up, and then went out to dinner with Brad and Debbie.  After dinner, you can guess what happened--a few times!  LOL

Gotta tell you, I needed it, too!  Been putting in a lot of overtime at work lately.  And while the extra money is great to have, it doesn't leave you with a lot of time to take care of other things!  Funny thing is, the more overtime you put in, you start realizing how the money's piling up.  So you're driven to work as much as you can!  But when it ends, you're kind of relieved!

Brad and Debbie are passed out!  Long week for them and then a long evening to finish the week!  I enjoy their version of overtime quite a bit!

I'm still wide awake, so I figured I'd whip out the old laptop, post an entry and fool around on FaceBook for a bit!

I think I have Brad's attention!  LOL

Well, my (second) cousin, Bobby, is due back in a few days.  We've been chatting on-line about what almost happened.  I'm kind of hoping it does happen this time.  I think he is, too.

Off to R&L's place tomorrow.  Gonna spend the night here and then head over there in the early afternoon.  A friend, Janey, just moved up from FL and has moved into their guest house.  I love this woman!  Actually, everybody who meets Janey falls in love with her!  She's great!

Anyway, I'm gonna jump into bed with B&D.  I don't know if they're up for any more action, but maybe I'll get lucky!

Everybody have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Super Shelly Is Back In The Hizzy!

Okay, so much for being back in a couple of days......

Anyway, I ended my last post with a question:  would you have sex with a second cousin you were really attracted to if you knew no one would ever find out?

There was a reason I asked.  And thank you to those that responded!

In late November of last year, a second cousin of mine, Bobby, was down visiting friends and we made plans to go out to eat.  Bobby's my age, single, and, well, REALLY attractive!  We've known each other forever.

After dinner, we went back to my apartment and started drinking some wine.  After an hour or so, I guess we had really gotten a little buzzed and he blurted out that he had had a crush on me when we were younger. 

Interesting, cuz I always had a thing for him.  All I really considered back then was that we were family, we were cousins.  He no doubt thought the same because neither of us ever approached the other.

So we drank so more and finally I said, "What happens in Georgia stays in Georgia?"  He kind of nodded and I got up--well, kind of stood up, more like wobbled up--and straddled his lap and we started making out like crazy.  We were basically shoving each others tongues as deep into our mouths as we could.  I was grinding on his lap and his hands had a nice, tight grip on my ass.

I knew I was ready.  And trust me, I could feel how ready he was.  We got up and started to walk to my bedroom.  Then we stopped.

Fuck.  We both had to stop.  If only one of us had stopped, it might've happened.  But we both stopped.  Then we both went back to the couch.

We resumed out conversation and didn't talk about what happened and what almost happened.  Finally, when the effects of the wine wore off, Bobby got up and I hugged him goodbye.

I didn't hear from him for a couple of weeks.  Then one day after work I opened an email he sent.

"We did the right thing, didn't we?"

I answered back, "I think so."

Still, I'm not sure.  Second cousins can marry.  Would it have really been a bad thing?

Well, he's coming back down in March.  We'll see then.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's All Good!

Would I be jinxing myself if I said that I've never been happier?

Probably.  So I won't say it!  But I'm in a good place right now! 

The job's been going great.  It always helps when you like what you do.  LOL


Remember me mentioning that nice, cute couple that came into the clinic on August?  The hot guy and his cute wife?  Yeah, them......

I hadn't told Alex about them and she found out about them on my blog.  LOL  She called me up and said, "Don't live by my rules, Shells."  Alex has always warned about mixing work and pleasure.  So we were talking and she said that if I trusted this couple, then go for it.  If I had a good gut feeling, then give it a shot.  But that I had better be careful, because you never know.

Conflicting advice, much? LOL 

I still wasn't sure.  But man....Alex has told me tales of her three-ways when she was single.  Of course, I've had three-ways before, with Ryan and Lori, Alex and Ryan, Alex get the point!  But that's always been in the confines of our own little group.

These were complete strangers.   Gorgeous complete strangers.  Gorgeous complete strangers that would take me out for a great dinner and home for a great time (at least, that's what I was assuming).

So after I wrote that entry, a few days later.....I called.  I was SO NERVOUS!  LOL  But excited. 

The wife, Debbie, answered.

I told her who it was and she got all excited and we started yapping away.  Finally, after several minutes, I asked her if they still wanted to go out.  She said, yes and then I asked--and there's no easy or subtle way to broach this subject--were they interested in me spending the night with them.

She kind of paused and said, "We were kind of hoping so.  You don't have to.  We'd still like to take you out, even if it's just dinner.  Is this too awkward?"

I said, no, that I would love to join them.  That I was bi and thought she was cute.  Then I told her to check out my, Lori's, Alex' and Ryan's blogs.  She needed to know that I was pretty experienced.  I also told her that I was clean and d/d free and so were all my friends.  She said she and her husband, Brad, would check them out.  I told her that if all that scared them off, no worries.  But if all was cool, I wanted to play with them.

Around 8 that night, she called back.

"Wow.  We're cool with all that.  Pretty wild, but we've been kind of wild ourselves."  So we made plans for that Friday night.

They picked me up around seven and we grabbed some dinner and headed back to their place.  Man, I was nervous.  With my regular group, I'm comfortable.  These were new people.  They weren't part of the group.  And that made it really exciting--and a little scary.

I won't bore you with too many details, but they were INCREDIBLE!  Alex has mentioned that almost, if not all, of the couples that she's been with treated her very well and were extremely attentive to her needs.  Well, i can say that for Brad and Debbie.  It was like they were trying to impress me.  Well, that they did.

We all passed out around 4 or so and slept until noon.  Then we all went out to lunch and then they dropped me off at my place. 

What's really cool is that I've gotten to know them more since then.  Debbie's a sales rep and Brad's a CPA.  They've been married for four years and have been having threesomes with bi-girls off and on for about two years.  They just moved from Minnesota (Brad had taken a new job and Debbie's company was able to give her a transfer).  They had always wanted to move to the South (for the weather) and finally had to opportunity to do just that.

He's 26 and she's 24.  Both went to the University of Minnesota (that's where they met). 

Rattles, their Beagle, is doing fine, by the way.

I've gotten together with Debbie, one-on-one, a few times and have had a few threesomes since then as well.  Okay, several.  LOL 

Debbie loves watching Brad do me.  It, and I quote, "Turns me fucking on."  Gee, I think I've heard something before but can't remember the wife who said it  .

LMAO Totally read Lori's entry tonight about picking up girls.  She was right on with that.  We both scan all the girls at the bar and go find girls to dance with.  She's right:  it's hot picking up a girl, doing her at some motel, and then saying buy-bye, have a good one!  It's been great!

See, that's why Lori and I get along!  We like picking up girls at lesbian bars!  Sharing is caring!  LOL

No work this weekend!  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Hmmmm......  Debs and Brad are out of town.......

Mebbe I should go up and visit "The House"!  LOL 

Now, before I post this, I need to get some opinions.  This HAS NOT happened!  And it isn't going to happen.  But it got me to thinking......   And I want your input.

Is fucking your second cousin weird?  Is it incest?  Is it wrong?  Or are you far enough apart, relations-wise, for it to be okay?  I'm pretty sure second cousins can marry in almost all states. 

So what's your take?  If you had a hottie second cousin you wanted to bang, would you, if no one would ever know?  Could you?  Too weird?  Or who fucking cares?

Let me know.  And I'll let you know in a couple of days (honest!) why I'm asking.

Love you all! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your Superhero Is Back!

It's tough righting wrongs, but I owe it to the world.......

Ain't too much goin' on in these here parts.  Well, except for the part where I've totally neglected my blog.  I'd love to promise that I won't do it again, but superheros are forbidden by the SuperHero Code Of Conduct to make promises they're not sure they can keep.  It's how we roll.

But holy cow....I haven't posted since March!  Uh, not acceptable! 

So what to talk about.......

I get asked a lot about how I met Lori.  SexyAds.  I placed an ad there and she answered.  I'm kind of surprised how well we got along.  Our personalities are totally different.  Go figure.

I love my ex-hubby.  Not that way of course.  But we did sleep together a couple of times after we split up.  But emotionally, it's all friend/friend now.  And he has a knack for picking the wrong women.  I mean, aside from me.  I'm fabulous.

Four girlfriends since our divorce.  Four.  I was talking with him last week and finally just told him to stop trying to have a serious relationship.  What he needs to do is play the field and get laid as often as he can for awhile.  That sounds callous, but sometimes people just aren't ready for a relationship and do things like.....

picking the wrong people to have one with.

Or maybe I'm just irreplaceable?  In any event, we had been fooling around after our divorce until he met a girl and wanted to keep it exclusive.  Obviously, that didn't work out. 

So we were talking and now we're kinda, you know, getting together again here and there.  Condoms are always required, though.  The only time I don't insist on them is with Ryan.  Ex and I aren't exactly breaking the bed frame, we just hook up when we're in need.

Earlier this evening, we found ourselves "in need".  LOL 

We have certain rules in our circle (Lori calls it our group, same diff).  If you fuck outside of it, fine.  But no high-risk partners, condoms are an absolute must, and no swallowing anything you wouldn't get out of a refrigerator.  So ex has to roll on the latex!

Ribbed, for MY pleasure!

It's weird living alone.  I lived with my parents until college.  Then I lived in a dorm.  After college, I moved back in with my parents.  Then I met my ex.  Now I come home to an empty place.  But I'm lucky.  If I get lonely, I can call Lori and get her to come over or just head up to Ryan and Alex' house.  I don't really get lonely too much, but nice to have options!

I rarely get hit on at work.  Most of our clients are families, and we deal with moms, dads, and kids.  We do get our share of single folks as well.  But a vet clinic just isn't conducive to hooking up.  For one thing, it's a vet clinic.  People there are worried about their babies:  sick doggies and kitties and birds and mice and hamsters and rats, etc.  

But Saturday, wow.  A young couple came in.  And they were H-O-T.  The guy looked like a stud, and his wife could've been a Miss America contestant.  I mean, whew baby!  And they had an adorable Beagle who they thought needed some dental work.  I won't go into the details of canine dental procedures, but dentistry on animals is considered surgery and tests have to be performed before the dental work is undertaken.

So Rattles was wagging his tail and licking my hands and being silly.  They were sitting there while I took his temp and weighed him and everything.  I left for a bit and let one of the vets look him over.  Then he came out and told me that Rattles did need a few teeth pulled and asked me to write up an estimate of how much the pre-surgery tests would cost.

A few minutes later, I went in and explained the costs and all.  They were fine with it and scheduled a time for Rattles to come in for the tests.  

Now I thought I had imagined them kind of giving me the once-over when I had first been in there.  But I really didn't take it seriously.  Trust me, at work, I look nothing like the pics on this blog.  No make-up, hair pulled back, the total plain Jane look.  

The second time I was in there, the lady wouldn't take her eyes off me, even when I was pointing at certain items on the estimate.  And she just kept smiling.  And boy, I liked it.  I really like it when a woman stares at me like that.  Even more than when a man does.

I finished explaining everything and they both thanked me.  They put Rattles' leash on and right before leaving the examining room, they mentioned that they were new to the area and if I ever wanted to grab dinner with them, to just let them know.  The lady handed me her business card and they left.

I really didn't know what to say.  I just smiled and said okay and took the card.  It wasn't creepy or anything and they weren't overbearing.  And I honestly couldn't tell if what they wanted is what I think they wanted or if they were just looking for new friends. 

I can't do it, obviously.  Even if it was just for dinner, I couldn't, but especially if it involved more than that.  Alex has always trumpeted to Lori and I the dangers of mixing work and sex.  I mean, man, those two would be FUN to play with, though.  MAJOR FUN.

I did pick up the phone when I got home.  I started dialing the number.  Then I hung up.  I daydreamed about a nice dinner and them asking me to join them and......

Yeah, I had to stop there.  I was too close to finding out.  At the end of the day, even just socializing with someone I met while working wasn't too professional.  And imagine if it were for sex.  No, too much could go wrong.

When I met Alex for the first time, she took me aside and told me there were certain things to avoid if I wanted to live a more open sexual lifestyle.  And she hammered, just hammered, the "don't fuck coworkers, don't fuck clients" mantra.  "Sex and work have to be two separate entities."

Sigh.  She's right.

Speaking of Alex, among her, myself, and Lori, she's slept with the most women by far.  Yet of the three of us, she's the one who had the most trouble accepting her bisexuality.  We all came to deal with this issue around the same age (15, 16).  Lori didn't care, she just jumped right in--then again, that's kind of her personality to begin with.  I thought I was gay for awhile and didn't care.  I didn't even date guys until college.  In fact, if I were to attend a high school reunion, most people would be shocked if I were to mention that I had been married.

And yet, Alex struggled with it.  Kind of ironic.  I mean, she didn't struggle with it for long, though!

I'd love to do Katie Perry.

I wish she'd kiss ME!

A few weekends ago, I headed up on a Saturday morning to Ryan and Lexie's house.  Their rule for visiting is pretty simple:  if we don't hear that they'll be gone or can't entertain for whatever reason, then come up.  In fact, even if they're gone, they don't mind if we all play there--they just let us know if they won't be there.

I knew Lori wouldn't be there, but figured someone would be.  And when I got there, there was somebody:  Ryan.  Ashley was working, Mitzie and Kellie were in Birmingham, Alex was attending a baby shower in Charlotte and wasn't available either.  

I waltzed in and it was just us.  Think I was bummed?  Not a chance.  None of us have talked about this on our blogs much, but when Lori first brought me over and we started having threesomes with Ryan (Alex was still traveling all the time on her job), a little more happened.  At that time, I was working part-time and started visiting Ryan twice a week or so.  It was just us, getting some heavy one-on-one action.  Hey, Alex was on the road, and Lori was working.

Through circumstances and all, those meetings kind of went by the wayside.  I'm not complaining, but I grew really close to Ryan during that time.  He encouraged me to get my vet training as much as my ex did.  

So I walked in.  "Just us?"  "Uh huh."

It was so cool.  We went out and grabbed lunch together and talked.  Then we headed back to his house and we had some fun.  Sex is fun.

I took this pic of Lori not long after we met.  It was taken in the rec room at my ex-hubby's (and mine at the time), house.  If you look closely, you can see our hubbies in the other room (Lori's is on the right).  They were always cool about us playing together and we often put on quite a show for them!

We did exchange hubbies as well a couple of times.  One time they were watching us and we just didn't give them a chance to say no.  Of course, they didn't put up too much of a fight.  They were already turned on from watching us.  LOL 

It really didn't happen too many times.  Lori and my ex really didn't click after awhile.  Their personalities clashed.

My ex and Lori's hubby, though--that was a different story.  They became best buddies and started attending NASCAR races together and hanging out in general.  Lori was cool with that, though.  It wasn't like she and my ex would fight like cats and dogs or anything.

Lori returned the favor by taking this pic of me in the backyard a few minutes later.

Okay, at the urging of Alex, who encouraged me to "sex up" my blog, I thought I'd post some pictures of my ex and I taken shortly after we met.  There aren't many, but enjoy. 

Okay, time for your rave-fave bisexual superhero to check out.  My ex kinda wore me out tonight and I gotta get me some sleep! 

Love to all!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Can Call Me Shelly. Or Doofus. Whatever.


I finally found a background I really like! That's a good thing. It took all of my superpowers, but I finally did it! I really wanted something a little sexier and all, but I also wanted a three-column tablet. I found this wonderful template--it's called "Prada"--and decided that the layout was very functional and I love the color of green!

Woooohooooo again!

My name is Michelle. I've gone by "Shelly' ever since I can remember. It was a compromise between my mom and dad. He loved "Shelly", but my mom wanted my "official" first name to be a bit fancier. So it's "Michelle" on my birth certificate and "Shelly" for everything else.

I'm 28 years old. I was married for a few years, until last year when my ex and I amicably divorced. I'm bisexual and have, in the last couple of years, broadened my sexual experiences.
Those that know me from Yahoo! will laugh at that understatement.

I'm a Georgia girl, born and bred. I grew up south of Atlanta and when I was 18, enrolled in the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). In college, I almost exclusively dated girls, and had a few steady relationships that I still remember very fondly.

After graduating from college with my degree in pyschology, I decided to work at a day care facility until I went back to grad school. I wanted to become a child psychologist and figured working at a day care facility would give me a nice resume-builder.

I hated it. During the last couple of years of my marriage, my wonderful ex (how often do you hear that? LOL) encouraged me to not only quit that job, but to get training in a field I had a newly-discovered love for: veterinary medicine.

No, I didn't go back to become a vet. But I did train to become a veterinary technician and have been doing that for about a year.

I give a bajillion ton of credit to my ex. By that point in our marriage, it was kind of like we were roommates. We were both going through the motions, but he kept encouraging me to go so I wa happy. He could've been selfish and not wanted to pay the tuition and all that, but he didn't.

I started school again and took a part-time job at a clinic. Not much, about fifteen hours a week, just to get my feet wet. After I finished up, I stayed at this wonderful clinic and became a tech.

I love the work, but it can break your heart. Our place believes that how you help and guide pet owners through the process of losing their pet is just as important as anything else. And it can tear you up to see people lose their pets. It's horrible. We've all gone through it, but it's so painful.

I guess the one other thing that gets me about the job are the exotics. LOL I mean, I love, love, love, love rodents! But we also treat snakes! I really had to debate staying at this place when I finished my tech training! I really considered going to another place. I interviewed at one that only treated cats and dogs. But I got the vibe that they weren't as compassionate towards pet owner as my current employer.

So I talked to one of the vets about it. She explained that she really wanted me to stay. But that I couldn't avoid handling snakes and lizards. It wasn't a matter of policy as much as logistics. There are several vets there, which means lots and lots of patients. And as a tech, you go where you're needed!

But she's so cool! She invited me to dinner with her family and they had an iguana and a little garter snake as pets. And her little ten year-old daughter picked up the snake, Dusty, and said, "See Shelly? He's nice!"

Well, if a little girl can hold a snake, I could. And did. And then I held their iguana, Dilbert.

That night ended my fear of reptiles. They do require special handling, but nothing too dramatic.

Good start so far, huh?

Be back soon, I promise! Being a superhero and all, I must follow through on my commitments!

Super Warning!

Hi! I'm Shelly (a.k.a. "Super Shelly" in superhero land!). Thank you for coming by and visiting.

Please take note, however, that this blog is very-adult oriented and definitely not for anybody under 18 years of age. It most definitely is NSFW, needless to say.